7-Step JLPT Preparation Guide

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If you’re preparing for the JLPT there are some important things you need to know in order to succeed

This guide will cover all of the essentials to give you the best possible chance of passing


1. PLAN FOR SUCCESS – Decide which level is right for you, and know what you need to study for

2. GET THE RIGHT RESOURCES – Get the right textbook and digital learning materials that will teach you everything

3. CREATE A STUDY SCHEDULE – Create a checklist and milestones for how long to study for each area

4. STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER – Learn about ways to make you study better and smarter

5. WHERE TO FIND HELP – When you’re stuck on a question, know where to go for help online or in person

6. PRACTICE WITH MOCK EXAMS – Find mock exams based on questions from previous years so you can practice in a realistic setting

7. FINAL PREPARATION – Learn how to prepare for the big day and what to expect in the exam room

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The information contained in this guide is taken from my own first-hand experience of taking the JLPT

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