The Problem – (Reading Japanese)

Let’s be real here – reading Japanese in books or on websites can be hard, especially in the beginning.

You might be good at remembering words, kanji, and grammar. However, the hard part is putting it all together in real time as you’re reading.

Reading individual sentences is relatively easy, but putting them together and understanding the larger picture… that’s much more difficult!

So how do we get better? How can we read and understand written Japanese faster?

Well, as with most things when learning Japanese, the only way is to do it. You need to be reading Japanese a LOT.

Every time I’ve studied for the JLPT, the reading comprehension section was my weakest area.

Particularly at the higher levels, if you don’t keep an eye on the clock it’s easy to run out of time before you even get to the questions!

Combine that with trying to understanding what the author is trying to say, and it can be a super stressful experience.

The Solution – (Also Reading Japanese)

I was frustrated with my weakness in this area, so I decided to do something about it. My solution was to brute force it and read as much Japanese as I possible could.

And it worked! Kind of… it was slow in the beginning, but eventually I found a method that worked well for me.

I created a 4-Step Study Method based on what I learnt as I overcame this struggle.

  1. Find good reading material
  2. Learn what you don’t know
  3. Memorise new vocabulary and kanji
  4. Re-read the material to improve your understanding

It helped me to read faster and it also improved my overall Japanese language proficiency.

If you’re having a tough time like I did, then I hope it can do the same for you!

Click on the links below to get started!

[Read Japanese Faster] Step 1 – Find Good Reading Material

[Read Japanese Faster] Step 2 – Learn What You Don’t Know

[Read Japanese Faster] Step 3 – Master New Vocabulary and Kanji

[Read Japanese Faster] Step 4 – See Your Improvement!

Here’s a kitten to keep you motivated!

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