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A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar
A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar

Recommended Level: JLPT N2-N1

A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar by The Japan Times is the third and final book in one of the most comprehensive resources for Japanese grammar available.

The book contains in-depth explanations in English and Japanese of approximately 230 grammatical points. These points make up the foundation of the Japanese language.

Organised alphabetically from aetu to zu tomo, each grammar point has:

  • A step-by-step breakdown
  • Grammar and cultural notes to deepen understanding
  • Many example sentences to demonstrate usage
  • Comparisons to similar or related grammar points

The appendix contains a quick reference guide for difficult grammar concepts. This includes:

  • Verbs/adjective conjugations,
  • Transitive and intransitive verb pairs,
  • Common and uncommon counters,
  • And much more

Whether studying a textbook, taking a class or reading your favourite manga, this dictionary is the ideal companion, covering virtually all essential grammar concepts you are likely to encounter.

Combined with the previous two instalments in this series, you will have covered pretty much all of the Japanese language.

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